"The Life of a Bronze Artist"  by Larry Gay

We research and study real hard and long
  To be able to put things just where they belong.
We think of how big this bronze needs to be -
  "Will it be much too large, or too small to see?"
Position and placement, composition and theme;
  Important things all, for sharing a dream.

Beginning with wire, pipe, or maybe some wood,
  We add some clay, roughly, then make it look good.
Armatures and proportions are things we think about;
  Details - should we add them? How much to leave out?
Each sculpture is a story, but don't tell too much -
  Some things left unsaid can add just the right touch.

Then comes the fine day when the sculpture's all done,
  The fun part is over and the work has begun.
The mold must be made, the sculpture cut apart;
  The first time this happened it wounded my heart.
To see lying in pieces what I strove to make whole
  Took getting used to, now a feeling I know.

Mold making, wax pouring, and yes, chasing too,
  They take many long days to get them all through.
Then comes all the sprueing and dipping, you know;
  It's not strenuous work, but heavens it's slow!
The burnout, metal pouring, chipping, cutting and blasting,
  Metal work and patina make artwork that's long-lasting.

There's much time and money that's gone into this piece,
  But we're not through yet, we can spend more with ease.
We can buy a new truck & trailer, or maybe a van,
  Commercial insurance, display lights - new stands !
We send off deposits many months in advance
  To go to a show to sell some - "Hey! There's a chance!"

We travel cross country and attend many a show;
  Not stopping or slowing for rain, sleet or snow.
Hotel rooms and gas, don't forget auto repair,
  It gets mighty expensive going from here to there.
We spend hours setting up, more hours tearing down;
  Start driving late at night- "The next show's in what town?"

To create something from nothing, that's the driving force;
  To be able to continue, we must sell them, of course.
So help us out, won't you, and buy one, maybe two -
  Just look through this site and find what pleases you.
Your investment in art, on this site - this year -
  Is an investment in the artist, his work, his career.
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